Becoming an Independent Article Ace for Online Businesses

Becoming an Independent Article Ace for Online Businesses

Independent Article It’s always good to find your talent in whatever field you work, study, or play in. Some never find it, but those that do, no matter their age, stand to be able to use a naturally endowed skill to maximum potential. It doesn’t matter whether you’re able to play a contrabassoon or mow the lawn in perfect rows; talent of any kind has value.

Some online business pros forget this and, worse, grow envious of those who can do the things they can’t or can do something better than them. They see the pay-per-click (PPC) pros rack up great profits and the web designers with truckloads of contracts. They see themselves as inferior and often failures of the modern business world.

Thinking of this sort is bad anytime, but in online business, it’s especially horrible. Online business is not a one-trick pony—it has loads of options to keep you busy and make you a success. Business pros overlook a lot of avenues for using their skills, and this keeps them from really striking gold professionally.

Article writing in particular is often overlooked.

Whenever some people mention article writing as a vehicle for online business success, a lot of professionals roll their eyes and equate this sort of work with low-quality, low-paying journalism. Thus, article writing is downgraded in certain professional areas and not recognized as a real successful outlet, even by those that are good at it. But if you have talent with article writing in today’s online business world, you stand to make a good profit and reputation for yourself.

You can start by creating your own article writing and submission service. If you’ve done enough article writing with positive feedback, you know the ropes as well as anyone. You know what sort of economic, to-the-point writing needs to be done no matter what the topic or business. You know the keywords  to select and effectively incorporate into an article’s written content. You know the best article submission sites and their acceptance requirements for articles. Basically, you are well-seasoned. This is great for other pros who aren’t. If you have a talent for getting articles from a few notes jotted on a page to a published piece of online media, you have a talent that can make you the best article submission service that anyone could ask for.

You can also go into the “trade secrets” business. As you’ve likely seen, a lot of pros who get good at their jobs reveal their trade secrets in books and other publications. There’s a second career for them in this, and if you are talented at online article submission, then you can do the same. Creating a manual or e-book that can help others with their online article submissions is a good way to share your talent while getting paid at the same time.

Finally, you can expand internationally by writing magazine articles. There are a lot of publications out there, and none of them will see the light of day unless they have decent content. This is your cue to start magazine article submissions. If you’ve already got the trade or industry article web sites under your belt, you can shoot for writing a strong magazine article and getting it into a great publication. This exposure is international and can be seen by anyone both inside and outside your industry. You can show your knowledge to everyone and bring more attention to your business as a result. This is where your article writing talents can shine the most.

In the end, you know what you are good at it and where your true talents lie. Be it in online article writing and submission or another field, you have the opportunity to really work and bring in success based on your talents. This is empowering and can drive you to success that you can be most proud of.

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