Any Size, Any Length, Any Topic—Becoming an Article Tailor

Any Size, Any Length, Any Topic—Becoming an Article Tailor

Hidden Talents

You often don’t know how great you are at something, or what your hidden talents are, until you’re called upon to use them. This often happens by accident. If you think of business great David Ogilvy, or guitarist Roy Buchanan, they often didn’t know how great they were at their professions until they stumbled upon their vocations or were challenged to do so. This revelation is fantastic, sometimes trying, but often leads to great things later in one’s life.

One of the great discoveries of today’s Internet business professionals is the ability to write. The Internet and its landscape of digital creation have facilitated a new need for written content, blog postings, and online article writings. This has led many newcomers, and even some seasoned business pros of the pre-digital period, to access their hidden writing talents, leading to a whole new avenue of success.

And, it could be your avenue, as well. If you have a talent for pumping out words and content, you can become an online article tailor, and generate success for yourself creating custom articles for others.

First, It Starts with Words; Then, There’s a Bit More…

Writing articles can be fun. You pick a topic, preferably one related to your business, write it, edit it, and then you’re done. Great. You’ve got word power and know how to use it. But then, there’s more…

If you’re considering yourself a new entrepreneur or contractor for an independent article writing and submission service, you have to be hip to more than just writing. Prospective clients will want to know about your writing, but also what you are going to do with it once you’re done. You will have to do a bit of homework, and show them the best article submission directories you can access to get it published. In your research, you have to make absolutely sure that you know the article submission guidelines that are required if you are submitting articles on behalf of others to ensure publication, especially if you are doing manual article submission for each one. With article writing, the writing is the fun part, but the submission and publication part is business. You simply have to be savvy with it if you’re going to deliver for your prospective clients.

Tailoring with Precision

Being a good tailor of online business articles will lead to researching some areas that will be new to you. Content architecture, new article templates and structure, search engine optimization (SEO), keyword optimizationthese are all worth your time, maybe even taking a night class study, to add to your article writing skill set. Once you get that stuff down, you might also want to look into doing custom articles for magazine article submissions to related trade publications, as well to give your clients’ online material more exposure.

A lot of today’s online creation is truly no different than an architect, artisan, or tailor trying to make something to sell to the public. Like any good member of these professions, you have to have a good skill set and tool box to work effectively. Being a good article writing tailor first requires you to be good with words, and then requires you to be a bit better with other contemporary online business tactics. Once you’ve got perfected all of this, you can create any article for anyone at any time, and bring in your own success thereafter.

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