A Rough Guide for Online Articles in Online Business

A Rough Guide for Online Articles in Online Business

Smiling woman writing in checkbookIn the digital age, it’s still all about the information. With every new cell phone, laptop, wireless device, or any other microchip doo-hickey, people need the most current information if they are going to put these items to work for them. Before, we had deep volumes of encyclopedias and libraries stacked with books, 16-millimeter films, and archived newspapers. Today, all this knowledge is at your fingertips. With a few punches on the keyboard and the clicking of the “ENTER” key, you are off and running to get whatever information you want to know.

With this in mind, all online business pros should feel a little light go off in their head. If online information is in demand, you should at least be making an effort to provide this and hopefully use this provision as a way to drive new business to your web site. Today, this has never been easier. You just have to do it with articles—online articles, that is.

If you were to go looking online for articles about any kind of information out there—travel, automotive, parenting—you are going to eventually land on a page or directory of pages jammed with short, easy-to-read articles about these and any other subject. The Internet has become a depository of information that is free to use and that can be accessed at any time. It’s astounding and interesting to think just how far the Internet has come in the two-plus decades it has been in domestic use. The question is, though, how do you get in on this? How do you do online article submission? What benefits are there for you?

To start, you need to sit down at your desk and do some writing. Whatever your business is about is the same topic you can write online articles about. You don’t need much—700 words, good grammar, short sentences, and an interesting topic from which people will gain knowledge. Once you’ve got this, you‘re off.

That’s the fun part. Then you have to do your homework. The next order of business is getting your Internet search engine gassed up and finding article submission directories. This can take a while, as you’ll likely find there are a lot of directories and web sites out there. You want the ones devoted to or related to your business and that will connect your articles to a readership that will want to read what you have to offer. Don’t treat this lightly. Find the top-10 article directories and best article submission sites possible for your business. You want to be exposed to the people that want more of what you know.

This leads to the slightly irritating part of getting your articles published online. All article sites are different and they all take different articles at different times for review before they go live online. It’s up to you to read ALL of the article submission guidelines to ensure you achieve this. Otherwise, your articles won’t make it online. Furthermore, you won’t be able to take advantage of things like embedding a link back to your site to create online traffic or optimizing your article with keywords. This is all important and should be understood right away.

Above all, your article submission should be a continuous process, and one that you work at and monitor to see what it generates for you. Once the creative work is done and your articles go live, watch how they perform online to bring in the business you want. If they don’t, you have to fix them to ensure they do generate business. Article submissions are more or less like anything else in online business; they’re something you often have to chip away at in order to master later. It can be daunting but a fun challenge as well.

Having information is great; sharing it is better. Exchanging it to help better both your professional business and someone else’s is the best. In the world of online articles, you get to do all of this and have some fun at the same time. It’s the best way to get your word(s) out on the ever-changing digital frontier.

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