A Guide to Outsourcing Your Articles in Online Business

A Guide to Outsourcing Your Articles in Online Business

A Guide to Outsourcing Your Articles in Online BusinessWhat You Have

When you run down the list of skills you have in online fulfillment, you might surprise yourself. Over time, you may have become great at managing your web site, optimizing your content, and/or hardcore online business tactics like PPC or SEO. If you’ve generated any kind of success using these methods, then you’re doing pretty darn well.

So well, in fact, that you might be able to take what you have learned and farm it out to others who could use your services. In online business, there’s no shame in being a gun-for-hire; your experience might put you in high demand, leading to excellent compensation for your services.

You’ll sometimes have to consider what skills and/or credentials people want before they’ll hire someone. For online business functions like PPC or SEO, they might only work with someone possessing certification, or for web site design, they might want you to work using a different design format.

That said, there’s one area where you might be okay with just your portfolio: content creation. Many people need content for their online material, but lack the skills to create it themselves. If you have this ability, you don’t really need certification: the right approach, client options, and methodology are enough to sell yourself as the best article writing and submission service.

Licence to Thrill

Most clients using content or article creation services don’t need flashy content, but they do require something of quality to thrill their own clients and entice them from a marketing perspective. This is the sort of material you have to aim to provide.

Once you start scouting around, you can offer your services in two ways. First, you can offer to be their top article submission service. This means that you create the requested content and then submit it on their behalf. It means performing double duty, but if you’re familiar with proper editorial or article submission guidelines across various Internet formats, such as article sites, magazine article submissions, and trade publication sites, you can offer your clients peace of mind—which, again, you will be compensated for.

The second—and often overlooked—option is striking a deal using existing articles, as you might already have content your client would like to use for their online material. This can be quite profitable, provided you adhere to copyright restrictions. Do up a contract stating where they will use it, that you agree to letting them use it, and how much they will pay for it. You might even wish to rewrite the articles to avoid any potential legal issues—an option that’s in the best interests of your article writing and submission service to never forget.

Pounding the Pavement

You might find yourself in the ideal position of being an in-demand top article submission service—the king/queen of content. Be sure to keep at it, but on a schedule that will not affect your business too much while still allowing you to bring in a profit. Always keep on the lookout for the best article submission sites, take the jobs that come your way, and offer satisfied clients the chance for more content or other article services in the future.

If you’re involved in online business, you already understand that you have to pound the pavement a bit more than others. It can be daunting, but getting good at it means you can offer the best content exchanges and related services, bringing yourself more business than you ever thought possible.

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