5 Ways to Better Optimize Your Blog

Five Ways to Better Optimize Your Blog

Better Optimize Your BlogYour blog may have the content, designs, and hosting aspects all covered, but is it optimized?

You’ve no doubt thought about this, especially since you’ve likely spent so much time optimizing your web site’s main landing pages and all the content. With blogs, the SEO process isn’t much different, but there are a few things you can do to optimize a blog specifically.

Here are five crucial ways to optimize your company’s blog:

1. Be Conscious About Keyword Phrase Placement

When it comes to blogs, there is a bit of a theme to placing keywords. As with your site’s landing pages and content, you need to place keywords and phrases in the article itself and the blog’s landing page, but they also need to be in the title tag and the first headline tag.

2. Make Links to New Posts Available

Once your post goes live, you have to make sure people have access to it. Ensure your blog submission is accessible via both your web site and RSS feed. When people receive your links, it will generate more traffic back to your blog and site.

3. Spread the Word Through Social Media

The minute your blog goes live, you have to spread the content around social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Feeds are commonly used on these sites and will get people involved, even more so if they begin following you on these sites as well. Social media is a key component to driving traffic to your blog.

4. Include Quality Copy and Images

If your blog is being viewed, you have to make sure that it isn’t only the copy that serves as a marketing tool. Copy with a call-to-action for your products or services is necessary, as are images that must be included when your content is submitted to blog directories. This can help your blog get spotted and shared via content curation or an online magazine. But beware: selling yourself too much can be a strike against you, so keep your company-specific copy to a paragraph or two at the end of your article.

5. Always Be Analyzing Your Results

Building up your blog means not just posting content, but also revisiting past content to refine and update old posts and information. From there, examine the analytic results to see when and with whom your blog is performing best. To build a solid, quality blog, you need to identify your strong suits.

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