5 Ways an E-Zine Can Benefit Your Business

5 Ways an E-Zine Can Benefit Your Business

5 Ways an E-Zine Can Benefit Your BusinessToday’s consumer marketplace loves news and receiving it quickly. So why not give them what they want? Here are five good reasons why you should consider writing and editing your own e-zine or e-newsletter for your online business:

1.  It’s Fun

People love to stay informed and to write about a favourite topic, so why not enjoy writing about your business for the sake of your customers? Creating information you have an interest in for people who love to read about it is why article submission is fun to do. And make no mistake, people will want to read it, including other businesses that may wish to form a partnership based on what they read.

 2.  It Draws Back Former Clients

If people read your e-zine and want to learn more, an embedded link at the bottom of the newsletter can take them to your web site. Similar to manual article submission, people will see and examine your content and have an avenue back to your web site, allowing you to attract new client traffic.

 3.  It Can Benefit from Contributors

Your e-zine has the option to feature contributors from your field to write columns and editorials a la magazine article submission. Using contributors also allows you to act as editor and create the most effective article writing and submission service possible.

 4.  It Features Trackable Analytics

Some businesses don’t know that having an e-zine gives you another way to see how well clients are responding to your material. Integrated e-zine programs allow you to see who is responding to your newsletters and observe click-through rates.

 5.  It’s Cheap

No postage or paper means savings. Creating and publishing an e-zine can be done with a simple publishing program, all without leaving your home or office.

With this combination of benefits, e-zines may be the best article submission service available. Consider making them a useful part of your online business.

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