5 Lesser-Known Online Article Submission Outlets

5 Lesser-Known Online Article Submission Outlets

5 Lesser-Known Online Article Submission OutletsEven with access to the top 10 article directories and article submission web sites, you may feel limited as to where you can post content. However, there are a few means of posting content to potential clients that you may not have heard of, but that offer great potential success. Here are five notable options:

1.  Press Release Sites

People often forget that press releases are just another form of articles: they detail new and upcoming products and information. If you can make use of press releases, subscribe to sites like PRWeb, which can publish them for you and attract the attention of potential customers.

2.  News Sites

While major news sites may still be out of your reach, there are many smaller news sites that need content, especially for their business sections. Small news outlets often accept manual article submissions, so you simply have to write to the editor with a pitch or article and hope they approve of it. You might be surprised whom these sites reach!

3.  Fan Magazines and Blogs

If you are dealing in products or services that cater to certain niche markets, there are numerous fan magazines and blogs, both in print and online, that need articles as well. Blogs are no different than doing magazine article submissions in that you speak with an editor regarding articles, except fan magazines and blogs can include perks like freebies, large spreads, and valuable business connections.

4.  Peer Publications

If you’re involved with a professional network that runs any publications, whether newsletters or annual compendiums, see if they need contributors. By providing material to a universal publication, both parties can benefit from the exposure.

5.  Industry Publications

You’re likely familiar with doing articles for trade magazines, but don’t ignore other industry publications, no matter how small. You never know where opportunities for exposure will arise, such as a convention booklet or smaller catalogue. There’s no such thing as too many article submissions in online business; you just have to do what you can to release as many quality submissions as possible.

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