The Importance of Desktop Versions in the Era of Mobile-First Indexing

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Mobile-first indexingGoogle has begun rolling out its mobile-first indexing system, whereby its algorithms will start to prioritize a web site’s mobile pages when determining ranking. For local businesses and their SEO, this means that the mobile version will start to edge out the desktop version when it comes to sending out search signals and governing both mobile and non-mobile search results. Although Google’s split indexing has been signaled for a while and has been expected, there is a slight catch to … Read More

Small Business Strategies for 2017: Why Online Marketing Should Take the Front Seat

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small business digital marketing trends 2017It is surprising that, in this day and age, there are still some small businesses that have not made their way into the very lucrative online market. There are far too many proven benefits of online marketing that many business savvy experts are baffled by the fact that some small businesses have not managed to keep up with the times by putting their local businesses online. After all, the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes. The competition … Read More

How to Get Customers to Review Your Business Online

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Customer reviewOver the past decade, it has been proven that online customer reviews are quite possibly the second-best form of advertising (the first being the tried and true word-of-mouth method). Incorporating a strong review strategy in your business’s online marketing methodology can help you maintain or increase your online business rating by improving and showcasing your online presence on multiple large-scale online platforms. The first step is to figure out a strong strategy to relate to customers online and generate a … Read More

Google’s Search Indexing Split: How it Impacts Local SEO for Small Businesses

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searching concept use tab or padEffective within the next few months, Google will be splitting its index of searchable web sites between mobile search and desktop search. Understandably, many small businesses are questioning the reasoning behind this change and how it will impact their local search results. Within this article, we will discuss this new “mobile first” approach that Google will be implementing by breaking down its concept and exactly what it entails for small businesses in particular.… Read More

Primary Index: Google Takes the “Mobile First”

Organic vs. Paid Search and the Changing Landscape of 2016-2017

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Searching in internetBroadly speaking, the two main categories of SEO are organic and paid. The difference between the two is fairly straightforward. Organic search results, for instance, are when a user puts a term into Google and your page pops up on the search engine results page (SERP). A paid search result is when your page appears because you bought an AdWord slot. Most SEO approaches try and use a combination of paid campaigns and organic keyword rankings to try and drive … Read More

Quick Tips for Giving Your Local SEO a Boost for Holiday Sales

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Local SEOHalloween marks the start of the holiday sales period, where companies start gearing up for the uptick in business that Christmas will bring. In order to get the best results from this season, it’s important that local businesses use SEO targeted for holidays. Here are a collection of local SEO tips that businesses can use to help enhance their holiday sales.

Make Sure Your Online Listings Are Updated

It is important to check any online listings your business has—such as … Read More

How Ad Scheduling Can Improve Your PPC Campaign Performance

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Pay Per Click

Google Adwords has a very useful feature called ad scheduling which can either be extremely beneficial or detrimental to your PPC campaign depending on how you use it. A good Adwords performance enhancing tip is to determine the best and worst times to schedule your Adwords ads through a short trial and error period.

When Not to Use an Ad Schedule

Knowing when to avoid using an ad schedule usually depends on the nature of your business and when your … Read More

How Much Should Local SEO Packages Cost?

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SEO - 3D cube wordIt can be tricky to compare different SEO pricing models since, even before you get to the actual sums, different SEO packages come with different assumptions and service expectations that will affect your decision-making. Although it is true that cheap (or expensive) SEO is not necessarily the best SEO, it is also true that you get what you pay for, which adds yet another layer of complication to the decision-making process. This guide should help give an explanation of the … Read More

How to Measure Cross-Device Conversion in AdWords

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Google adwordsGoogle AdWords has once again outdone its own SEO standards by incorporating the option to enable cross-device conversions in businesses’ AdWords campaign. Cross-device conversions allow businesses to measure the frequency with which users click on their ads from one device and then switch to another device or a different web browser on the same device to complete the transaction. This is a game-changing development because it improves the accuracy and efficiency with which adwords conversions are measured, and it will … Read More

How to Apply Micro-Moments to SEO Techniques for Local Businesses

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SEO ComapanyGoogle describes micro-moments as “critical touch points within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends.” To translate this into English, a micro-moment is an in-the-moment occasion where a search is made because of another action taking place simultaneously. If you have even been in a store, looking at an item on the shelf, and done a search to see how it compares to prices at another location, that’s a micro-moment. If you’ve just … Read More