Simple Steps for Web Site Conversion Optimization

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web-site-conversionConversion rate optimization (CRO) is, at its core, a way of improving the efficiency of your web site. Web site conversion happens when a visitor signs up for a mailing list, buys a product, or otherwise “converts” to a customer or client. Many different elements on a web site influence conversion rates and there is enormous benefit to be found from optimizing the process. After all, spending less money and resources to get the same results frees up assets to … Read More

5 Ways to Get Featured in Google Search Using Rich Snippets

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rich-snippetsOne overlooked way to benefit from Google search results is by using rich snippets. When someone performs an online search, particularly when they enter a question, Google often displays a direct answer to their question in a box at the top of the page. These answers are actually rich snippets, taken from web sites, and feature a link back to the site they’re taken from. Google provides these clear, concise answers to help users, often allowing them to not even … Read More

Is Your Web Site’s CMS Search Engine Friendly?

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CMS for local business web sitesContent management systems (CMS) are an essential tool for many local business web sites since they allow for easy control over content and web site appearance without requiring significant programming knowledge. However, not all CMS are created equal and user friendly does not necessarily mean a CMS is search engine friendly. Before buying a new CMS for your local business web site, it is important to make sure that the system you are getting does not inadvertently work against your … Read More

How a Site Speed Test Can Improve Your Web Site Conversions

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web site conversions, conversion optimizationSite speed is both omnipresent and easy to forget about. Most SEO and conversion optimization efforts tend to worry about what is on a page—layout, content, multi-platform readability—and less about how fast a page’s speed might be. This is unfortunately common since page speed can affect every part of web site engagement, from bounce rates to conversions. This makes understanding how visitors are affected by site speed, and how to make sure your speed is up to snuff, highly important.… Read More

Why You Should Never Have Your IT Person or Department Do Your Web Marketing/SEO

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seo services torontoWhen it comes to your company’s SEO and web marketing, you might consider having your IT department handle it. Some businesses think along these lines: that IT staff should also be able to handle web design, web marketing, and SEO given that they work with computers and technology.

On the surface, these ideas may seem to make sense as a way to cut down on costs. However, using the same IT staff for your web design, SEO, and online marketing … Read More

Tips for Local Business Owners to Increase Phone Calls from Web Site

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phone call conversions, local business web sitesLocal business web sites often focus on increasing online sales, growing social media pages, and marketing their brand, but phone call conversions are just as important.

Even with the prominence of the Internet, having a business line is still important for your business. Attracting new customers, making sales, and scheduling appointments/reservations are still commonly done over the phone. When you are optimizing your web strategy and SEO, one of the things you want to focus on is converting your web … Read More

How to Make Your Business Appear in “Near Me” Searches

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near me searches, local SEOWhen it comes to local SEO, “near me” searches are becoming more important. When people search for local keywords, Google only returns three results in the local map pack. Sometimes, these top three results will be the most relevant results for the city itself, not necessarily for the person performing the search. For instance, if someone searches for “Italian restaurants in Toronto,” Google may show them the three biggest or most popular Italian restaurants in the city. However, all of … Read More

SEO vs. PPC: Where Should Local Business Invest Their Budget?

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SEO for local businessUsing SEO and PPC for small business success is important, but many businesses struggle to decide where to invest more money. Should you prioritize your SEO budget or your PPC budget? Which of these online marketing methods will bring small businesses better results and help them increase sales, grow their business, and boost profit?

The truth is that while both of these marketing strategies are effective, every business needs to consider their own needs and goals to determine where their … Read More

Is Your Web Site Voice Search Ready?

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web site design TorontoIn the world of online marketing and SEO, the big new trend in 2016 is voice search. In fact, voice search is already here. Several recent surveys have found that over half of teenage Internet users use voice search at least once a day. As well, over 40 percent of adults use voice search each day, and that number is only expected to grow.

Voice search has been made possible by virtual assistants like Siri (with Apple), Cortana (with Windows), … Read More

Impact of Google’s Latest AdWords Update on SEO and PPC

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search engine optimization,  cost per clickSearch engine optimization (SEO) just got a little bit different, as Google has recently updated their search results page. The new AdWords update has big implications for businesses that use online marketing and SEO.

Traditionally, Google’s search engine results have featured a couple ad slots at the top of each page, as well as advertisements along the sidebar. That is no longer the case. Google has eliminated all advertisements on the right sidebar. Instead, more advertising slots will appear on … Read More