How Search Engine Marketing is Changing

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Search Engine Marketing ChangingHow Google ranks its search pages has evolved a great deal from the early keyword-focused days. Now, countless factors large and small go into a page’s placement in search results. As Google continues to refine and improve its formulas, those of us who practice SEO (search engine optimization) marketing can sometimes feel left out of the loop. Fortunately, resources exist to help stay on top of developments and trends in search engine marketing.

Since 2012, SearchMetrics has released yearly reports … Read More

How to Get More Sales from Your Mobile Visitors

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Mobile marketingUsing a mobile phone to browse the web has quickly surpassed the use of computers. In fact, in the U.S. alone, use of mobile data has risen by more than 51%. Even though smartphones and other mobile devices have only been around for a short time, savvy marketers know that they need to adapt for users of this day and age.

It was predicted in 2008 that mobile device users would surpass PC users. Many of the top online companies … Read More

Hidden Gems: Little-Known Search Marketing Tips and Tricks for a Streamlined Campaign

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Search Marketing Tips for a Streamlined CampaignWhen you first get your search engine marketing campaign up and going, it’s as exciting as ever to see the results come in. But over time, your campaign can become bland and start to falter as a result.

This doesn’t need to happen, though. There are some tricks of the trade you can use in combination with some useful new tools to pump up your online search marketing campaigns.

Here are just a few:

1. Niche and Specific Audiences

If … Read More

5 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Platforms

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Mobile Marketing PlatformsWith Halloween over and the winter holidays approaching, the shopping rush will soon begin. This year, mobile devices look to be the preferred platform for consumer purchases, letting people shop from anywhere, not just the mall.

Depending on how much you’ve invested in mobile marketing, this might sound a bit alarming. But it shouldn’t, as mobile marketing is just another opportunity for profit. Here are five tips that make clear why digital marketing can be a successful venture:

1.  Use Read More

The Perfect Take: How to Use Video Marketing Effectively

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Video Marketing TipsContrary to what many have claimed, videos are actually a potent online marketing tool. However, there are some key things to know about using videos for search engine marketing purposes, some of which might surprise you:

1.  Consider Other Sites

While YouTube still dominates the world of online video presentation, many marketers argue that it isn’t always the ideal site for video SEM. Keep this in mind when testing your video content and consider trying them across multiple sites to … Read More

Now Trending: SEM Tips from Top Analysts

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New Google TrendsRecently, Google analysts have found some interesting trends in how the popular search engine affects businesses online. And now, they’ve shared some information about common Google trends and how you can use the site for better marketing.

Here are just a few tips your online business can take advantage of for search engine marketing success:

1.  Note Popularity

Google has its preferences, meaning certain sites are regularly ranked higher based on their sheer popularity. Having any connection to these sites … Read More

Master Toolbox: How to Boost Your SEM Success

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Useful SEM ToolsSearch engine marketing (SEM), like any other procedure, can be made easier if you have the right tools. These are especially advantageous when considering that many businesses don’t know about them, which means you could soon have the upper hand. Here are five tools to consider adding to your web marketing toolbox to boost your SEM success and get a step up on your competition:

1. Google Tools

You’re likely already using Google in some way, so you can be … Read More

This Checklist Makes Search Engine Marketing a Breeze

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Search Engine Marketing ChecklistThere are a lot of tasks that make up an online business, and that includes search engine marketing. Before you finalize and publish your materials online, make sure you’ve accounted for the following factors:

1.  Keywords

It goes without saying that you have to optimize all of your search engine marketing content. Software like “SEMrush” can help you ensure that your SEM is placed correctly, avoiding punishment from online watchdogs such as Google Panda. Make sure your content is optimized … Read More

“Hollywood” Meets SEO: Mastering the Art of Video Marketing

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Mastering the Art of Video MarketingIt’s been argued that videos aren’t very successful at attracting business. However, if you’re interested in getting behind the camera again, now is the time to do so, as online business has now opened up new outlets to venture into the world of video production.

Here are a few reasons why online video marketing can now benefit your business:

1.  Reach

When people open a YouTube video or check the news on their “iPhone,” there’s a good chance their content … Read More

How Facebook Could Be Profitable for Your Online Business

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How Facebook Could Be Profitable for Your Online BusinessFacebook has undergone some recent updates, making it more useful for search engine marketing—and more profitable in terms of your digital marketing efforts for your online business.

Need some convincing? Here are five reasons why you may wish to incorporate Facebook into your online business’ marketing practices.

1.  Power Editor

This is one of the newest features of Facebook that caters to web site marketing. The feature is used to create and manage ads, with its interface allowing you to … Read More